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Fishing spoon Individ ID02TG10

Fishing spoon Individ ID02TG10

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Артикул: ID02TG10

When predatory fish are passive and do not lunge at any available lure, you need to have choices to make, as the slightest nuance of shape or play can be a key for success. In this case, it is good to have several spoon options of a particular, unusual nature. The Individ spoon is precisely this type. Its name is for a reason – this spoon is extremely special and characterized by an active average-frequency play, which is lower than expected of a spoon of such size and shape. In some circumstances, it is an advantage and can induce passive fish to attack or lure a large representative. While fishing, the Individ spoon keeps hold of the horizon line and is not likely to come to the surface. Thus, heavy models can be used to fish around rather deep areas. Pauses can be an excellent addition to a traditional steady casting. The Individ spoon, while sinking at pauses, actively plays and lures a predator. This wide-bodied spoon with rounded lines seems to be specially made for stagnant water and slow stream, i.e. pike and perch fishing. However, its potential goes far beyond. This spoon proved itself as an excellent lure for chub, ide and asp. Naturally, casting is made upstream or across the tide when fishing in a rapid stream. In upstream fishing, a key benefit of the Individ spoon is its ability to play at the slowest speed. Thus, the spoon will not greatly outrun a stream while fishing. The small-sized Individ spoons are very attractive to non-predatory fish, such as redfin, roach and sabrefish. Pond trout fishing is worth noting, as they are known for changeable nature. The Individ spoon often enables you to find a right approach to them.

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