Fishing spoon Panic PA075S02

Fishing spoon Panic PA075S02 -20%
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  • Product Code: PA075S02
Model Panic
Вес 7,5г
Цвет S02
Series Natural
Длинна 50мм
Крючек Одинарный Vanfook SP-41MB #2

Rapids.They contain a lot of fish of all kinds, but fishing around this place is not easy, as a lure faces deep and shallow areas, strong streams, backward flows, stagnant water and all of this in all sorts of combinations. What lure should you use under such challenging conditions? The answer is unambiguous: the Panic spoon lure. It is the most multifunctional lure in the spoon line of SV Fishing Lures to catch predatory fish. A creatively different shape, which prevents failures in a play while fishing at any casting speed, an ability to make extremely long-distance casts, slow fluttering in water – all of this describes the Panic spoon’s benefits. This spoon shows a unique combination of the broadest range of available casting speeds and an easy change of the fishing horizon. The Panic spoon can move at a snail’s pace but keeps steadily playing at a fast casting speed. By lifting or lowering the top of a fishing rod, the spoon can be quickly moved to the surface or dropped to bottom layers. It imitates panic movements of forage fish – that’s the best thing, which induces a predator to attack. The Panic spoon allows you to use the most diverse types of casting. In addition to a steady casting, when it shows an active, sweeping and very steady play, the spoon responds to jerks, moving to sides, and actively plays when paused at a stepped casting. The large Panic spoons are excellent lures for fast fishing around large areas in vast water ponds, while looking mainly for pike, as well as perch, zander and catfish. Small-sized lures are attractive to predatory fish of all kinds: pike, perch, zander, chub, asp, pond and brook trout.

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