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Fishing spoon Metal Twitch MT027CK01

Fishing spoon Metal Twitch MT027CK01

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Артикул: MT027CK01


You can hardly imagine modern lure fishing without twitching. Some time ago, this casting technique has been used for wobblers only, but now it is used with lures of all kinds, including spoon lures. The Metal Twitch spoon was specially designed for a jerk casting. Its distinctive feature is clear and predictable movements from side to side while jerking – you only need to correctly choose its intensity and frequency. This spoon not only makes random moves but does play as a lure specially designed for a jerk casting. Another interesting feature of the Metal Twitch spoon is its active play at pauses when you slack a cord. The spoon rapidly moves back in a complicated path, inducing a predator to bite. It is good to combine these playing techniques, for example, by making two jerks and then a pause at a slacked cord until the spoon sinks to the bottom. If a predator intends to attack actively moving lures, it will never miss such a ‘performance’. This playing feature also allows you to effectively use the Metal Twitch spoon in line fishing – either ice or boat fishing. However, its play while jerking and sinking is not the entire list of benefits. Despite its name, this spoon works well at a steady casting, being notable for a wide range of operating speeds. It starts playing actively and sweepingly at the slightest forward motion, does not fall into swirling and maintains rhythmic swings even while fishing against a rush current. This enables you to use the Metal Twitch spoon both in stagnant and running water, as well as river areas where the current has different strength and direction. The centre of gravity shifted back enables you to make both a long-range and precise cast, allowing the Metal Twitch spoon to catch cautious predatory fish at a long distance near potential hides. This spoon has shown good results while fishing asp, chub, zander, pike, perch and trout.

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