Fishing spoon Koketka KA02TG12

Fishing spoon Koketka KA02TG12
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Model Koketka
Цвет TG12
Series Fluorescent
Длинна 25мм
Крючек Одинарный Vanfook SP-41MB #19
Waterlily-filled lake shallow waters and shallow rapids. Pike, perch, chub and other predatory fish are waiting for the prey in hides here. Sometimes it is hard to lure them from there, and then you can use a secret weapon – the Koketka spoon lure. Having a sweeping high-frequency play, it acts as a magnet for a predator, inducing it to come out of any wilds and snags. The Koketka spoon starts at the lowest casting speed, which allows you to keep it within predator’s line of sight near potential hides for a long time. When paused in casting, it sinks rather slowly with an active play. All of this is combined with excellent flight properties, and thus, you can throw it to many interesting places, which are inaccessible to most shallow-water lures. The spoon steadily keeps the horizon line set by a fisherman and is not likely to come to the surface when accelerated. It is very attractive to fish at a common steady casting speed. However, you should alternate casting with pauses sometimes for better results. In addition, if there are no weeds and snags at the bottom, it is worth waiting for the lure to sink to the bottom when paused. This will help you both to intensify biting and to continually keep the lure in a bottom layer. The Koketka spoon is exceptionally multifunctional. It works well in stagnant waters. In addition, this spoon has proved itself as an excellent lure for asp, chub and ide in upstream and drift fishing. Finally, it lures the most diverse fish. The 2-gram Koketka spoon enables a fisherman to purposefully catch even non-predatory fish, such as roach, skimmer, white bream and sabrefish. Another effective area of using this spoon, where it is undoubtedly taking the lead, is pond rainbow trout fishing. An attractive high-frequency play and a wide range of size, weight and, most importantly, colours always allows you to reach this demanding fish.

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