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Fishing spoon Flash Line FL08CH01

Fishing spoon Flash Line FL08CH01

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Артикул: FL08CH01


An exhausted fish juvenile is striving against the stream but still drifted. It is seeking safety by turning back, but a rapid silvery torpedo has put an end to its struggle and… swallowed the bait! This is because a fish juvenile was the Flash Line spoon! It perfectly imitates a narrow-bodied fish, which is the most favourite food of asp. Moreover, the spoon has outstanding flight properties, which doubles its importance for catching this cautious fish. The Flash Line spoon provides a fisherman with a wide range of opportunities for casting experiments, as it works excellent with all casting types. While fishing at a steady speed, this spoon shows an active but stable play of an average frequency with a small amplitude and does not go into a spin, even if casted against a rush current. It twitches well, making noticeable moves from side to side. While sinking at a pause, it swirls like a falling willow leaf. The direction of swirling often changes, and thus, a fishing line does not get twisted. If you slack a fishing line at a pause, the Flash Line spoon moves back in an intricate path, changing to swirling sometimes, – that’s the way you can vary a stepped spoon casting. Different combinations of these techniques will allow you to get on the right side of the most demanding fish. A wide range of sizes and weights allows you to catch any fish, from redfin, gar, chub, ide and perch in shallow water to zander and catfish on deep holes using a stepped casting. Meanwhile, asp, a number-one trophy for the Flash Line spoon, takes a spoon of any size well. In addition to catching freshwater predatory fish, the Flash Line spoon has shown excellent results in rock fishing (fishing from docks and at seaside). The narrow-bodied spoon will not leave rockfish, scad and garfish untouched.

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