Fishing spoon Iris IS018TS08

Fishing spoon Iris IS018TS08
  • 93 грн
  • Product Code: IS018TS08

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Model Iris
Вес 1,8г
Цвет TS08
Series Fluorescent
Длинна 27,5мм
Крючек Одинарный Vanfook SP-41MB #8 
When predators are lazy, and does not react for usual lures, new bite is very hard to get. Mostly, catching fish at any price - aim of sport anglers. In a fishing sport one bite could mean win or loose. IRIS fishing spoon was created for the most cautious fish in a high fishing pressing conditions. Like a petal of iris this fishing spoon has not standard body shape. Front part is wide, with skewed center of gravity, rear part - narrower. Lure body has a shape like letter "S". Such proportions gave possibility to reach super stable active playing with very slow speed. Tail section of IRIS spoon swing wide from side to side, making powerful fluctuations, that fish feels very well by lateral line. Thus, the effect of increased attention and interest of the lazy fish to the slowly passing IRIS spoon is achieved. Such readily available and tasty aim can`t leave indifferent even the most passive predators. Meanwhile, IRIS spoon has one distinguishing feature. If you will stop the movement of this spoon, it will fall with trembling, that makes this spoon great for trout, perch and chub fishing.

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