Fishing spoon Glisser GR02P01

Fishing spoon Glisser GR02P01 -50%
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  • 85 грн
  • Product Code: GR02P01
Model Glisser
Цвет P01
Series Structure
Длинна 30мм
Крючек Одинарный Vanfook SP-41MB #8

Glisser was originally intended to be an ‘all-terrain lure’ for shallow water. It’s geometry allows the angler to pull the lure over the water vegetation or through water as shallow as 30cm with no risk of catching anything except actual fish. It remains stable in these conditions and wiggles attractively drawing in the fish.

The centre of gravity is shifted towards the rear end of the spoon, this allows to cast incredibly accurately. Glisser is most effective when fishing for small pike, perch, large roach, trout, asp and ide. It’s been successfully used for rock fishing when combined with a small silicone-type lure.

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