Fishing spoon Air AR01FL25

Fishing spoon Air AR01FL25
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Model Air
Цвет FL25
Series Fluorescent
Длинна 18мм
Крючек Одинарный Vanfook SP-41 BL #8 

The most active play at the slowest casting speed that’s the essence of the Air spoon lure. Having a very wide body, this spoon plays at snail speeds, and thus, it can be left within predator’s line of sight for a long time when fishing around local hides: snags, small reed islands etc. When designing the spoon, we achieved an impressive, as for such body proportions, stability of play. Thus, the Air spoon has a rather wide range of available action speeds and does not go into a spin when accelerated. The play of this lure is active, sweeping but not marked by excessively large amplitude. Sometimes the spoon’s play produces an interesting glitch, switching to gliding, which may serve as a signal for a predator to attack. While fishing, the spoon keeps hold of the horizon line and is not likely to immediately come to the surface. When paused, it sinks rather slowly, and its sinking is accompanied by an active play. The Air spoon can shake up the most passive predator, and its gram version, which is just 18 mm long, is a real catch for those who are fond of lure fishing whitefish. This tiny tot looks like a little bug underwater, and even bleak do not miss it. The Air spoon is an excellent lure for shallow fishing. If you are planning to fish pond trout, chub, ide, gar, perch and redfin, be sure to get the Air spoons.

AR18 18 mm 1 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #8 
AR23 23 mm 2 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6 

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